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widow sponsorship


Help us provide a widow with the sustainability she needs to rebuild her and her children’s lives, a caring and loving environment with hunger and disease. Help us rebuild their shattered lives with a safe home, food, clothing, medicine and an education.
It is estimated that the war has resulted in over 2 million war widows in Afghanistan. These widows are displaced, destitute, illiterate and suffering mentally from the horrors of the war, which they have seen first hand.

Often they can only survive by sending their young children out to work in the streets and as such the cycle of poverty continues. Without a helping hand from generous people, their destitution will impact on the lives of their children and their children's children for generations.

The tales of terror and endurance told by some of the widows are so harrowing that it is hard to believe they survived at all.

The money you give goes towards individual and community development. We provide counselling, vocational training and support, half-way houses and encourage them to take control of their lives and plan a future. We can't give them back the past but we can let them know that we care about their future.

Please support a widow and her family for just £840 for a year or £70 per month.

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